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We are a fierce team of advocates who have been in every seat, issuing, signing, and reviewing contracts.


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No one should sign contracts they don't understand.

After 6 years at Palantir, I was looking forward to taking a step towards a completely different career, building EV motorcycles for women. As luck would have it, things didn't go quite as planned.

People in the office
People in the office
People in the office

My catalyst for Ask Ginkgo came from a single moment, the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’.

I had spent weeks negotiating a new and exciting job offer, and received the paperwork the day before the signing deadline. I happened to skim the documents and came across a clause that potentially undermined my entire compensation package. What ensued was 24 hours of frantic googling, heated phone conversations, and ultimately deciding to walk away from the opportunity.

There was nothing malicious about the company or the people there; we were all at the mercy of the legalese. I’ll be forever grateful to them for being the final push for me to solve a problem that affects every person in the world who isn’t a lawyer: legal advocacy.

Over the years, I’ve presented many enterprise deals to clients while supported by a small army of lawyers, a constant contrast to the helplessness I felt towards my own contracts. Legal advocacy is painfully necessary yet out of grasp for the everyday person. Such a costly barrier to entry results in profound inequalities, almost always to the detriment of the individual.

I believe in everyone having access to tools that allow you to be your own best advocate. The basic understanding and methods of negotiation should be provided to everyone, and that’s what we’re building. I envision a future where no one ever signs anything without proper agency again.

For advocacy and beyond!